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Aquarius Horoscopes, Love, Friendship, Finances and Luck are the things we all want to know about in our daily lives. Lucky symbols are things that people over look in their lives. These have been listed below, as strange as some of them may seem. Seeing these symbols can make a difference in your luck.

AQUARIUS (The Water Bearer) Jan 21st - Feb 19th

Love and Friendship
Aquarius although loving people by nature, have a way of keeping their emotions hidden as you have. You have many friends but yet there has not been that special person that you're willing to share your heart with. This will soon change when a Capricorn brings the sunshine back in your life. Soon when you start your day, you will have a smile on your face thinking of your new love.

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Actually your finances are in fair shape but will improve by the end of the month. The signing of a legal document will add to your finances setting you in a better frame of mind. Being a giving person is a good quality, but don't let others take advantage of
your generosity.

You tend to like to take chances even when the odds are against you. This month will
pay off when you gamble on a whim. But quit while you're ahead. Save some for a
special trip.

You're compatible with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Your lucky numbers are 9-13-16-28-42-43
Your lucky symbol this month is a The Number 9.

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