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Aries Horoscopes, Love, Friendship, Finances and Luck are the things we all want to know about in our daily lives. Lucky symbols are things that people wover look in their lives. These have been listed below, as strange as some of them may seem. Seeing these symbols, weekly or daily, can make a difference in your luck.

ARIES (The RAM) March 21st - April 20th

Love and Friendship
With summer comes the longing for travel, but this summer you will have a companion. Finding someone that accepts you for who you are has been your goal. You will finally find your match but remember that for aries people, love is a two way street and relationship starts with friendship. Take your time before committing. As with any new relationship, be yourself. It is all about honesty and starting off on the right path will prove for a lasting companionship.

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You have over extended yourself this month, but a solution will present itself, making it possible for travel plans. A change in your financial picture will give you the lift you need which is long overdue. You feel the ho hum setting in. Don't let this affect your work, as someone higher up has had his or her eye on you. A better position and a boost in your income is just the thing that will get you out of your slump. A friend will give you some good advice on a money matter.

As an aries, you have had your share of missing out on a good thing. You always have been with someone when they win something but this month you will be in the winner's circle. A run of luck will surround you. Could have something to do with your up beat mood finding someone to share your good fortune with. Feeling good about yourself seems to draw good things to you this month. Having someone to share this with will make it all that much more special.

You're compatible with Aries Horoscope, Leo Horoscope, Sagittarius Horoscope
Your lucky numbers are 3-8-12-17-23-49
Your lucky symbol this month is Blue Stars.

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