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Short Christian Love Poetry
Spiritual Poetry can be added to birthday, wedding or just as a romantic sentiment to cards or within letters. Poems expressing religious sentiments can be used for those type of special occasions such as a or just as a short simple friendship gesture to say hello...

We'd like you to relax while enjoying the following free christian poems. You can add that special touch and a friends' day a good one by sending them a christian friendship poem.

I Wish that I Could Bring You to the Lord

I wish that I could bring you to the Lord
Before you die, for I have faith that you
And I could be together if you knew

I wish I had the hope that I could be
The instrument through which you'd understand
The love that waits upon your silent hand
To rush into your anguish like a sea.

I wish that you could feel the joy that I
Am filled with now I'm open to His love,
The miracles that daily in me move
So deep there is no need to question why.

I wish, I wish, I wish I could do more
To reach into the raptures of your heart.
But I can only do my humble part
While you and He meet naked at your door.

Sinners All, We Ask for Your Forgiveness

Sinners all, we ask for Your forgiveness
As we await the hour of Your return.
If only grace were something one could earn!
Nor can we hope to imitate Your goodness.
The saints know well the hopelessness of being
Put upon the pedestal of faith
As though we had already gained Your grace.
The heart is naked to Your restless seeking.
Regard us all, then, equally with love:
In saints and vicious pederasts find lovers,
Cherishing not one above the others,
Knowing none has anything to prove.

I'll See You When the Sun Goes Down

I'll see you when the sun goes down
And all the stars go crazy,

And Christ returns to claim His throne
Upon this erring earth.

And you and I will be amazed
At all that now seems hazy;
For now is faith, but then will be
The glory of rebirth.

Death will die, and we will sing
With angels at our ears,
And all my love for you will pour
Like rivers from my song.

And joy will never end, for we
Will be beyond the years,
And time before the end of time
Will not seem very long.

How beautiful Creation will
Then be! Much more than now,
When visible to faith alone
As we endure our pain.

How wonderful the gift of grace
From Christ that will allow
Me well to bear my grief until
I see you once again.

All poems copyright: Nicholas Gordon -

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