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Advice for Divorce After Dating and During Separation

Getting back into the dating arena after divorce or a painful separation can be difficult for both woman and man. Many fear that they just won't remember what to say or do. Being part of a secure, loving partnership and being a parent for an extended period of time is ideal. However, when this connection is severed one is left with gaping wounds and alarming levels of solitude. The mere thought of even having physical contact be it holding hand or kissing can have one very apprehensive.

Studies have reported that divorces produce erratic behavior, ambivalence and unexpected periods of sadness. Post-divorce depression is also common. The disruption of marriage often changes friendships. Those recently divorced may find that most of their friends mainly engage in couple-oriented activities.

After divorce, it would be advisable to take time to get to know yourself and what YOU really want from your future relationships. Getting to know someone is good but getting to know yourself is even better. In getting into any type of association be it a new friend, casual romance, occasional sex or serious relationship; let your intentions be known upfront. As the saying goes, 'Honesty is always the best policy'.If kids have been involved in the divorce, it would have been as painful for them as you. Extra care and attention would be required when placing another adult or parent into their lives.

It's ideal to work out all emotional issues before heading unto the dating scene after a divorce or separation. If it wasn't an amicable separation then feelings of resentment may very well resurface in a new relationship. You may also not be ready to place all your trust, honesty and love on the line, which would be deceptive to the other party involved.

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