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Kama Sutra Teachings on Love Positions Sexual Online

Kama Sutra is the ancient art of making love. Welcome excitement along with endless diversity to your sex life using the inventive erotic techniques of the Kama Sutra. All elements of sexual positions and love techniques are widely explored and described. The teachings range from the love making art of foreplay through arousal to climax.

Even though we can all connect with the term 'Kama Sutra', very few of us actually know the origins and what the term actually refers. The Kama Sutra teaches us several important lessons, the most important of which is making time for love.

The Kama Sutra was written for the nobility of India between AD 100 and AD 400
by an elderly Indian sage, called Vatsyayana. It was introduced to the west by
Victorian explorer, Sir Richard Burton. He translated the book in 1876 but it
remained illegal in Britain until it was published in 1963.

The Kama Sutra book describes 64 sexual arts. These 64 arts are broken down into eight different ways of making love which are multiplied by eight different positions within each of these ways. Almost 2,400 years old, the Kama Sutra still can be applied for modern living and loving. 'Kama' translates to the acquisition of love or sensual pleasure.

We wish you the very best in your love making. With the Kama Sutra, you and your
partner will discover a new and lasting sexual fulfilment! Many are rewarded immensely when they have applied what they've learnt to their sex lives.

Have fun!

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