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Libra Horoscopes, Love, Friendship, Finances and Luck are the things we all want to know about in our daily lives. Lucky symbols are things that people over look in their lives. These have been listed below, as strange as some of them may seem. Seeing these symbols can make a difference in your luck.

LIBRA (Scales) Sept 24th - Oct 23rd

Love and Friendship
Your charm has always drawn people to you but you tend to judge. Many ask you for advice, as you are known for your good judgment. Harmony is important to you and this month a relationship will put you to the test. Meeting someone through Explore Love will help you find your equal partner. An Aquarius is a match for you.

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Lack of co-operation at work has left you stressed. Speaking your mind may not get you a promotion but it will relieve the stress build up. Use your grace and charm to benefit your personal growth. Joint ventures will off set financial debts but get it in writing.

An influential person from a chance meeting appreciates your ideas and with this brings more income your way. This will also bring with it a string of luck that will follow you.

You're compatible with Gemini, Libra, Pisces
Your lucky numbers are 1-5-14-15-25-37
Your lucky symbol this month is a Gold pen.

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