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We all love a happy ending!
That is exactly what these
couples found after meeting and
dating online! We hope they go
on to live together happily ever
after but in the meantime - we
wish them continued success in
their relationships!

It just proves that internet dating does work as hundreds of men and women hook up and get engaged and eventually married!

Do continue to read and enjoy their successful love stories.

 Moya and Gene who married on July 28, 2005
"Gene and I had led very parallel lives, both divorced with children and our share of dating nightmares. We both had had enough of internet dating and were weary of trying again. When we first started communicating through eHarmony we had so much in common we were friends instantly. We finish each others sentences, we surprise each other by saying the same things at the same time. I am attracted to him because he is genuine and intelligent, supportive and loving and makes me laugh.

On September 2, 2004, Gene proposed to me. We proudly tell our story and encourage our single friends to try this service. It is truly a match based on values, morals, and interests not just physical features like other websites. You have given us happiness and a lifetime together that may have been missed. THANK YOU!!"

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Danny and Ange
I first tried about three and a half years ago and at first had very little good fortune with it. I went through a bad relationship that was destined for doom since the first date, but I decided to try my luck again on, so I signed up again.

After finding another less-than-perfect match, I decided to take my profile off the site, but when I went in to remove it, I decided, "what the heck—one more try and then I quit." Well lucky for me (and Danny), I didn't quit that night.

As luck had it, Danny had also recently had a discouraging relationship with someone he met online and was ready to give up. He had gone through a really rough time trying to find a girl who enjoyed his interests, understood him, and would love him just the same. He's such a sweet guy, and nice guys finish last, or at least that's what he thought.

He saw my profile again and remembered me from a year and a half earlier and decided to try faith once more. Danny contacted me the next day and said he had seen my profile on and thought I was cute. We had a wonderful conversation. We met each other in person and started seeing more and more of each other. We went through some rough stages in our lives at the beginning of our relationship and have managed to outlast them all. He has been there through thick and thin and has loved me every single step of the way. He has won my heart and I love him more and more each day.

Thanks to for bringing true love into our lives—if it wasn't for you, plus a little bit of faith and God's will, we would still be searching for our other halves. I had to meet a lot of frogs to find my prince, but it was worth it. Thank you again,!

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Lenley and Leonardo who married on October 08th, 2005
"Meeting each other has changed our lives forever. We probably wouldn't have crossed paths if it hadn't been for eHarmony. We both had been waiting so long to meet that 'truly compatible' person and when you introduced us, our waiting was finally over. eHarmony saved us the headache of meeting people randomly, only to find we had little or nothing in common with them.

We discovered that we both approach life in a very similar manner, and our similarities and differences really do bring out the very best in our marriage. It's amazing how well our lives compliment one another. The day I married Leo was the happiest day of my life, and it wouldn't have been possible without eHarmony! Thank you for bringing us together."

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