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Sagittarius Horoscopes, Love, Friendship, Finances and Luck are the things we all
want to know about in our daily lives. Lucky symbols are things that people over look
in their lives. These have been listed below, as strange as some of them may seem. Seeing these symbols can make a difference in your luck.

SAGITTARIUS (The Archer) Nov 23rd - Dec 21st

Love and Friendship
Being the sign of an adventurer you tend to explore everything you can about people. Being a direct person you tend to pick and choose your friends. In your passed relationships you found yourself feeling unsure. But this month, there will be no doubt when a Gemini comes into your life with the help of Explore Love. Always remember
Love is not only caring but also sharing as well. Include your partner in your daily life.

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Just when you thought you were going to be ahead something goes wrong. But don't stress, for every problem there is a solution. With you're new relationship you will find your partner quite handy in solving problems.

With some people everything they touch turns into money. Unfortunately you're not one of them. But you will have a bit of luck this month with the sale of an item you have been trying to sell. With the sale a future purchase will prove to be something that you will be lucky to have found. As luck comes in different forms you will be very pleased this month with yours.

You're compatible with Virgo, Pisces, Taurus
Your lucky numbers are 5-13-15-21-41-43
Your lucky symbol this month is a Ladybug.

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