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Your Tetraktys Spread
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The Fire Card represents your creative force, will, and ambition.

Seven of Cups Reversed

The re-emergence of will and determination. Strengths working in unison. Choices made wisely.


The Air Card Your current strategies and thoughts concerning your goals

Three of Swords

Upheaval and loss in love and all other types of relationships is possible.


The Water Card explores your emotional self.

Page of Swords Reversed

Expect the unexpected. Inane behavior may hamper you. Cunning may be called for.


The Earth Card concerns how you dealing with everyday life.

Five of Wands Reversed

Obstacles to success will be overcome. New ventures are on the horizon.


The Creator Card explores that which drives you in new directions.

The Seven of Wands Reversed

Employ caution and courage in your ventures. Knowledge is your ally, arrogance your enemy.


The Sustainer Card depicts that which helping you remain balanced and healthy.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

After much labor, little gain may be realized.


The Destroyer Card identifies that which must be jettisoned, so you can move forward.

King of Cups Reversed

Misused power and skill. Treachery and the loss of morality and money are possible.


The Light Card represents the cosmic force which is guiding you towards fulfillment.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

A time to proceed with caution. Ventures may falter. Properties and friendships may be at risk.


The Dark Card represents the cosmic reaction to your being.

The Sun Reversed

The outcome of future plans is nebulous. Trouble with relationships and work is very possible.


The Premise represents the factors that form the the foundation for the entire spread.

Six of Swords

The future looks brighter. Success will be known.


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