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Online Dating Tip and Free First Date Advice
Here are some free online dating tips:

 Choosing a quality online UK dating service is important. Do research well and join those that you feel comfortable submitting your details too. It's advisable to keep your personally identifiable details to a minimum.
 Take your time and be knowledgeable when choosing your first date(s) location. It's advisable to pick public places with plenty of people around. Try to choose places that you have been already

and know well. It is good first date dating advice meeting during the day if possible. If you have to meet at night, please do take adequate precautions and let other woman and man friends know where you will be visiting and for how long.
  Many first time dates couple with others. That is, they try choosing places where they know other friends will be visiting at the same time. Added security measure!!
 Gut instinct is always important! Speaking to someone on the phone should give you a general idea of who they are. However this can also be deceiving for both man and woman. An advisable tip is to ensure to have some form(s) of telephone conversation before arranging to meet somebody.
You should be able to predict more about someone's character
over the telephone rather than via email only...
 Do have alternative means of returning home if you wish not to continue the first date. A mobile phone will be also be handy in case of any emergencies.
 Having spoken for sometime, each of you would know what you are looking for specifically in the relationship. If it's friendship or a short fling, please make it clear upfront. If you have intentions of taking things to a sexual level, please remember to always practice safe sex.

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Do you have free online dating advice of your own that aren't listed above? If you wish to share them with others, do email them to us!

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