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Wedding Poems and Free Poem Readings for Wedding Day Cards
Wedding Poems add that extra special touch on wedding day cards and for poem readings.

Poetry for weddings expressing love sentiments, can be also used for special occasions such as a silver/golden/ruby anniversary or a poem vow reading for
a civil wedding.
We'd like you to relax while enjoying the following free romantic wedding poems.

The Vows You Have Just Taken, Pledging Love

The vows you have just taken, pledging love,
Mean far more than words can ever mean.

May their gentle spirit in you move.
May your years fulfill the beauty of
The feelings whose expression we've just seen,
The vows you have just taken, pledging love.

And may you always put these vows above
The things that make life smaller and more mean.
May their gentle spirit in you move.

May your children know the power of
These words to shape a world that's sane and clean,
These vows you have just taken, pledging love.

And if some day there is a need to prove
The strength of will that from these words you glean,
May their gentle spirit in you move.

Let no fear or pain your love remove,
Nor shallow, selfish hope your true joy screen.
Let the vows you've taken, pledging love,
In their awesome grace within you move.

The Vows I Take Will Be Forever

The vows I take will be forever:
I'll love you all my life.
There's no part way, no holding back
Once we are man and wife.
The choice is made, and now I swim
In a far different sea,
The shores of which are bright green hills
Raised up for you and me.

Our love is like a mountainside
Awash in lovely flowers:
It is our home, our solid rock,
Where all bright things are ours.

And though of need we often must
Spend our days apart,
Our love will always be with us,
Held within the heart.

I feel it now, so strong and free,
So part of every breath
That it must live--I swear it will!--

Even after death.

I Am the Happiest I've Ever Been

I am the happiest I've ever been.
My loneliness will be forever gone.
When you're away, my empty feelings spin,
But after this, I'll always be at home.
You're the only person in the world
From whom I cannot stand to be apart.
But now in your devotion I'll be curled,
Just as you'll take shelter in my heart.
And so we two create a separate thing
In which we dwell mystically as one.
Neither you nor I will solo sing
Once this strange new harmony's begun.
How sweet to join with you in this new life,
Not only as myself, but as your wife.

On Your Wedding Day, As You Trade Vows

On your wedding day, as you trade vows,
No ordinary moment hurries by.
You partake, as far as time allows,
Of something more than time and Earth and sky:
Unknowable, invisible, yet there;
Resplendent to the heart if not the face;
More than both of you, yet less than air;
A transcendental act conferring grace.
Reason might say, How can this be true?
Return then to the heart, for this is love.
In making vows, you make one out of two,
A mystery beyond what words can prove.
Go then as one flesh, one home, one heart:
Each still a whole, yet also now a part.

All poems copyright: Nicholas Gordon -

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